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DevToolz.com has a full directory of free resources for you to use to perfect your online website. We have it all from a full whois search to a online meta tag generator. Get it all at DevToolz.com!

Network Development Tools Available:

Google Pagerank Lookup
Use this handy tool to look up the Pagerank of yours or other people's websites.
Whois Search
Look up the personal/contact linformation of an indidual or business who has registered a domain name.
Link Popularity Checker
This tool will query many different search engines to show you how many links
Domain Availability *NEW*
Use this tool to check for the registration availability of a certain domain name.

Website Development Tools Available:

Metatag Generator
Use this tool to create metatags for search engines automatically. Insert keywords, description, author, and much more.
Pop-up Generator
This tool will assist you in the designing of a pop-up window for your site with an extremely simple form.
HTML Encryptor
Use this to encript your open source html pages, more particularily any scripts which you would not like visitors to snatch.
Speed Test
This tool will tell you how fast your internet connection is and the rate which you can download from our server.
Keyword Analysis *NEW*
Use this free tool to analyze the content on your webpage and generate the metatag keywords which would suit it the best.
Link Status Checker *NEW*
This is an extremely useful tool for checking the status of links on any webpage available through the internet.
Search Engine Submission *NEW*
Submit your website to various search engines using this very useful development tool.

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